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Living with bed bugs is a nightmare! We understand. Sleeping with blood-sucking insects is enough to make anyone cringe (and lie awake for nights on end).

You’re desperate for help… who can you trust to get through this difficult time?

The internet says a million different things about controlling bed bugs and everyone wants soooo much money to eliminate the problem. But, you just want these bugs out of your home– NOW!

You’re at the right place– we’re affordable experts in killing bed bugs, and more importantly, helping you take your peace back

Start getting your home back to normal right now with the helpful tips we added below.

Do this to Start Killing Bed Bugs Right NOW!

How to kill bed bugs living IN and ON your bed linens:

Strip your bed and put your linens into the dryer. Bed bugs are killed by heat– 120 degrees for 30 minutes should kill any bugs in your linens.

How to kill bed bugs on your belongings:

Not everything can be placed in the dryer, but you can bag up some of your belongings and put the bags directly in the Clearwater Florida sun, or in some cases even your attic, espicially in the summer.

How to quickly eliminate bed bugs before bed:

Grab your vacuum and a buddy to help you flip up your mattress and box spring and suck up every bed bug and egg that you see.

Vacuuming bedbugs to kill them is a form of pest control that everyone can do!

But don’t forget to empty that vacuum outside in the trash.

Also, removing the cheese cloth off the bottom of your box spring may expose more bugs for you to find and kill.

Just feel like a professional is best?

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“I’ve used Doug The Bug over the years and every time they  treat me right! They’re very informative (even on the phone), professional, and took care of my problem. What more can you ask for? Thank you Doug the Bug!
I’ll be calling you next time I see a bug.”

John P.

“We hired other professionals, tried going to another do-it-yourself pest control store, but just could not get our infestation under control, until we talked to Doug The Bug! After visiting their do-it-yourself pest control store on East Bay in Clearwater, and following their instructions, we’ve had more success in the 2 applications we did OURSELVES than the numerous times we hired a professional. We really trust Doug the Bug Pest Control and recommend them to everyone dealing with a pest problem”

Ed W.

“We’ve had Doug the Bug pest control out to our house numerous times. They’re always friendly and knowledgeable and they KILL my bugs! I’m very happy with them”

David L.


Are you the right customer foR Our Clearwater pest control company?

Not everyone is a good fit to be treated for bed bugs by Doug the Bug Pest Control. Our Clearwater pest control company only offers a spray treatment. This means it takes time to eradicate your home of those pesky little buggers.

Each and every bed bug will need to come in contact with the insecticide applied inside your home. Because we don’t know how any bugs you have to start with we’re unable to tell you exactly when your home will be free of the bud bugs. 

Doug the Bug customers need to be understanding of the process and patient. But, in return, our customers could save hundreds of dollars in comparison to other treatment options .

Will my home be free of bed bugs right after we treat?

No, It’s a process each bed bugs will need to make contact with the insecticide before he or she dies.  And if a bed bug fed last night he may not be actively looking for another blood meal for another week. Once every bed bug crawls through the chemical applied your infestation will be gone.

Do the bed bugs die immediately after we treat?

No, although the bugs we spray during our application typically die in about 20 minutes.

But, this is not our primary objective– we want bugs that come out of hiding to make contact with the chemical after we leave. Once the product dries, bed bugs that come into contact with the residual can take up to 48 hours to die. 

Do we offer a warranty?

Yes. If you receive and pay for 4 applications in a 60-day period you will be issued a 90-day warranty.

How many treatments does it typically take to Eliminate bed bugs from my home?

That is a difficult question to answer because we have no idea how many bed bugs you have.

One female bed bug can lay up to 250 eggs in her lifetime. This means there may be hundreds of bugs in your home. The more bugs, the longer it will take to eradicate your problem. 

However, you can rest assured that we do our best to save you money and eliminate your problem in the fewest applications as possible. Saving you money is the reason we use the pay per application format,  rather than requiring a large upfront payment. 

Is a spray treatment the best way to treat my home for bed bugs?

Not always… it takes time to completely be free of bed bugs using a spray treatment.

Heat treatments and tenting can rid your home of bed bugs on the same day.  These treatments can cost a lot of money and risk  damaging your belongings.

We treated a customer who’d tried a heat treatment, only to have the glue in his expensive Nike shoes melt, causing the soles to come off. Needless to say, when he got reinfested, he chose to have his home sprayed instead.

That being said, if your home is also infested with drywood termites, spending the large amounts of money on a tent will likely be the best choice for you. If you’d like to read more I wrote a blog post about , check it out here: 


How did these bed bugs get inside my home?

Bed bugs use humans as their primary source of travel. This means you or someone who visited your house picked one up and brought it to your home.

We regularly hear that Doug the Bug was able to do what others couldn’t.  Stop letting bed bugs torment your life and get your rest back!

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