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Have bed bugs been on the rise? There is no doubt- there have been more reported cases of bed bugs, and bed bug bites in recent months than since the 1940’s. Infestations have breached all socioeconomic and geographic boundaries. From high class hotels to thrift stores, bed bugs have made themselves at home.

Are bed bugs immune to traditional pest control measures? No, We are still successfully spraying for bed bugs. While some bed bugs have become immune to the powerful chemical DDT, it is not an accurate statement to say that bed bugs can not be controlled with spray. And we have customer after customer to prove this.

Am I doomed to live with these pests or empty my savings account to eradicate them? Here is your great news- at Doug the Bug, we have adapted! By developing a systematic approach to treating homes with a combination of safe and effective chemicals, we have been able to help countless clients eliminate their bed bug problems without draining their wallets. While your treatment plan will include several visits and more than a few loads of laundry, not one of our satisfied customers has spent anywhere near the inflated prices of our competitors.


So why do other web pages, TV shows and media outlets say that you can not spray for bed bugs? We have given this a lot of thought at Doug the Bug, and have come to the conclusion that others may have vested interest in the more expensive types of treatment. If you just spent thousands of dollars on a bed bug heater your not going to tell people “all you have to do is spray”. Or it’s just that they do not have the successful experience with spraying that we do.

Please breathe a sigh of relief and call the office today to find out how we can help you get rid of your bed bug problem and get on with your life!