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Success Eradicating bed bugs
Taking The Stress Out Of Having Bed Bugs

 Having a bed bug problem can be one of the most horrible and stressful issues to deals with! Imagining that there is an insect crawling on you at night, sucking your blood, is horrific.

“Don’t let the bedbugs bite” is not just a catchy saying our parents would say jokingly before we went to bed– it’s the stuff movies are made of!
And, it’s not just a figure of speech anymore. Bed bugs are more prevalent than ever! Millions of people had been stuck in this nightmare.
You’re feeling overwhelmed… the stress is too much and you’re feeling like the “crazy bug lady.” Every hair that tickles you makes you jump. You’re tired and you want this problem fixed NOW without spending your entire retirement savings.
You surf the net to find a solution but Dr. Google only makes it worse. You’re filled to the brim with false information and fear that you’re never going to rid your home of these bugs.
“Sigh, I guess it’s time to throw it all away…”
If you can relate, you’re not alone. And, you’re not without hope!
We’ve been successfully treating bed-bug ridden homes in Clearwater, FL for years and… we have great news!
One thing I happily make our customers aware of is that completely eradicating your home of bed bugs IS POSSIBLE. 
It’s not going to cost thousands of dollars and DON’T believe everything you read on the internet. Brilliant scientists who make loads of money have created insecticides that are very effective and safer than ever.
And in a lot of cases, even “do-it-yourselfers” who visit our Clearwater do-it-yourself pest control store have success completely eradicating bed bugs from their home.
Let talk about three effective ways to eradicate your home of bed bugs:
Typically a pest control companies that provide these treatments come to your home with large heaters and heats your home up to 120+ degrees, which ultimately kills the bed bugs by cooking them to death.
Bed Bug Heat Treatment PROS: Your bed bugs are gone the same day. So, if you’re feeling a little crazy over those bed bugs, this may be the best option for you.
Bed Bug Heat Treatment CONS: Heating your house up to 120 degrees can damage your valuables. If you remove the things you don’t want to be damaged you may be removing bed bugs only to re-infest your home when you return.
We’ve heard stories of broken TV’s, melted glue in sneakers and shoes, damaged blinds.
The cost is typically VERY HIGH.
We recently had a customer in our do-it-yourself pest control store who paid $1100 to treat just one room! Plus, in some cases, a heat treatment company wants you to hire an expensive inspection dog to confirm you actually have bed bugs.
Fumigatin is a great option especially if you already have dry-wood termites. Fumigation commonly used to treat termites if double the amount of gas is used to treat your home can be very effective to treat bed bugs.
Bed Bug Fumigation PROS: Bed bugs are gone as soon treatment is done. The fumes will kill every bug everywhere– in your attic, and even behind the walls.
Bed Bug Fumigation CONS:  Personally, even though I’m in the pest control business I HATE chemicals. Just the thought of a chemical gas touching everything in my house– inside my mattress inside my daughter’s pillow, in my food pantry, etc., just creeps me out.
Even though it’s believed that your home airs out and is safe, it just doesn’t settle well with me.
The cost is higher because you need double the amount of chemical than a normal termite treatment which is generally already a little expensive.
This is our preferred treatment and how we effectively treat bed bugs for our customers. Spray treating your home can be intrusive but, in our opinion, the pros definitely out way the cons.
Bed Bug Spray Treatment PROS:  This option is way more cost effective– seriously who has THOUSANDS of dollars to drop on a bed bug treatment?
At Doug the Bug Pest Control in Clearwater, FL, we only charge you for the applications you need. Meaning, if we get your bed bugs eradicated in 2 sprays you only pay us for two sprays. There is no large, upfront cost. You only pay when we spray.
We often kill a number of other bugs while we’re treating for bed bugs such as fleas roaches, etc. You’ll get a thorough inspection every time we treat as we often find bugs in unexpected areas.
Bed Bug Spray Treatment CONS:  This treatment is not immediate. You’ll have to wait for ALL of the bed bugs to crawl through the chemical. This could take weeks or possibly months depending on the number of bed bugs in your home to start with.
But when weighed against the hundreds of dollars you’ll save, it could be a better option for you.
There are many effective ways to control bed bugs in your home and having a better understanding of what you’re dealing with can help you sleep better at night.
Weigh your options and, if you pray, pray about what will work best for you. If you have any questions find an honest professional in your area you can talk to.
If you happen to live in Clearwater, FL, we’d love to help you rest easy!

Doug, Owner operator at Doug the Bug Termite and Pest Control in Clearwater, Fl.

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